I've been interested in the art of Shibari for a while now and when I saw that DJ Fet was holding rope lessons at Eroticon 2017, l lept at the opportunity to attend. Like many people, the first time I had been exposed to anything rope related outside the garden shed was when "that book that shalt not be named" came out. A little Googling and I stumbled across the Two Knotty Boys website then on to Midori's.   From that moment on, my interest in the artistry of rope was well and truly piqued.

Lucky Escape?

Maybe I'm being over dramatic? Several weeks ago, my parents had a house fire. The freezer in the garage developed a fault and caught fire, which in turn set the fridge and all the cabling alight as well. This could have been a fatal fire as it happened just after 11pm and my parents had …

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Eroticon 2018 – My Takeaways

What did I bring away? I knew from the line up of speakers that this year would be very different. Where Eroticon 2017 had a definite creative feel (I never did publish last years post. Maybe I will yet),  Eroticon 2018 was, for me at least, more of a business -the nuts and bolts behind writing erotica affair. Much of that was in the choices I'd chosen. Whilst I haven't been writing much in the last twelve months, whether through illness or sheer laziness, I have been thinking more about the logistics behind my writing. This was very much reflected in my choices. Not necessarily through choice, but necessity.

Smut Leeds 2017 and More

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending Smut Leeds 2017 with my good friends Ina Morata and Anna Sky. This is only the second of this type of event that I've been to (Eroticon being the first), and I can honestly say that a good day was had by all. My thanks to Victoria …

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Questions, Questions. How do Aliens Fuck?

  During my convalescence, I've been wading through some of my DVD collections. Those that know me will know that one of my passions is old time TV shows and being a child of the 70's, I love 80's Syfy. Knight Rider, Airwolf, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. Wilma Deering - HUBBA HUBBA! For today's …

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Humiliation, Agony and Rolling Stones – Part 1.

  Anyone who's ever passed a kidney stone knows when another is coming. There's a familiar, unmistakable feeling that accompanies each one. A dull ache in the lower back, a pain that just won't quit in your testicles (for men anyway). Only someone who's experienced a kidney stone can truly appreciate the pain they can …

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Why I’m an alien.

This weekend just gone was Eroticon 2017. As part of the virtual introductions, we were asked to answer a few short questions. One such question was to tell something that not many people know about me. I answered, that along with my family, I had been expelled from the U.S. As an Undesirable Alien. I've …

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Embarrassing Moments

What are your most embarrassing moments? I was having a conversation with a good friend the other night and the subject of embarrassing medical moments came up. I can't even remember what my friend (who shall remain nameless. At least for the moment. You know who you are) and I were talking about at the …

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